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The Impact of Facebook's Dominance on our Daily Lives

A few years back most of us were introduced to Facebook (FB) as a social networking tool that allowed us to reconnect with lost friends and relatives. It was 'cool' to see what happened to our old high school buddies (and enemies), and satisfied our voyeuristic tendencies when we’d look at pictures of people and what they were interested in. It was a way for us to ‘see’ without being ‘seen’.


Then, more recently, as individuals we started to learn that our information on FB was not as ‘private’ and secure as we had innocently believed.  Our deleted posts and photos still existed in the FB cloud. Our connections and viewing patterns led to ‘personalized’ advertising and friend suggestions. And we started to discover that while we were looking – others were looking at us.


Now, some people made the decision to come off of Facebook entirely – as it was just too publically revealing. Others – who are very comfortable in the public spectrum – flourished within FB and transformed its use to reflect the daily interactions of their lives. They became the true heart and persona of what a Facebook user represented.


The video above (Link if you need it: highlights just the impact that Facebook has made on our lives and the social interactions of people in the World. Simply amazing that there are more than 700 Million Facebook users online!


As more Business Owners and Marketing firms incorporate Facebook and other tools into their communication streams and intake marketing channels – the growth of FB is only going to increase.  It is our job to ensure that we engage with our customers and keep them returning to our page.


The key to a successful Facebook marketing campaign includes:

1. Providing relevant and timely material

  • Topics from current politics, the news, season, or impacts of change to your customers or your business.

2. Frequent engagement with your customers

  • Responding to posts and messages directly. Staying connected with your customers.

3. Using graphics and videos to stimulate and inspire

  • Utilizing the amazing videos, podcasts, articles, and pictures that can convey your brand or story.

4. Connecting to our Brand

  • Reminding your customers that your brand is to be trusted, that you deliver great quality and service, and they need to consider you for their next purchase.

5. Connecting to our Intake Marketing Channels

  • Providing easy links or connections that bring our customers to our company marketing channels (i.e. website, phone or email).


Facebook as a marketing platform should be part of our overall Social Media Marketing Strategy – and not the only avenue that is used. Be sure to create a Content Strategy Calendar to manage what content you are posting and the schedule for deployment (we will expand on this in a future blog).


For further information on the limitations of Facebook, check out the article, “6 Reasons Why You Should NOT Put All Your Eggs In The Facebook Basket” by Francisco Rosales (at SocialMouths). A thought provoking article that reminds us that even as Business Owners, we do not control who sees our content nor how that content is shared with our customers.


In summary, Facebook is outperforming all other Social Media Platforms, and it must be included as part of a compnay’s social media strategy – but it can not be the only point of interaction with your clients.


To your success,


CEO & Director of Client Relations - Canven Consulting  - - #canvencr

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